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Paramount stage M
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Recording date: Septemer 10, 2008
Engineer: Brad Cobb

In the last weeks of the existence of legendary Scoring Stage M Audio Ease managed to get a thorough sampling session in there.

The 4,500-square-foot stage was especially good for 20–65 musicians, Mark Isham once said, "because you could have a sense of size and intimacy at the same time." Paramount recordist Paul Wertheimer added that he heard some composers describe the room as "warm and controllable," and that musicians liked the fact that, unlike larger scoring stages, "they could hear each other clearly so that they could play (more effectively) with each other."

"The acoustics were very good, and they had a superb engineering staff," said 91-year-old songwriter Ray Evans, who with his partner Jay Livingston won Oscars for the tunes "Buttons and Bows," "Mona Lisa" and "Que Sera, Sera," all recorded on the Paramount music stage.

He laments the decision to close as "short-sighted. They may have a good business, economic or bottom-line reason for it," he said, "but it sure takes away a little of the history, the glamour and the glitter of Hollywood. This is another nail in the coffin.

Quotes from Jon Burlingame,

The Meyer Sound HD-1 and the B&Ks 4006s “omnis” were rented from DMT in Los Angeles. The mic preamp was a DAV BG-1U
The A/D was a 002 with the Black Lion Audio 220/270 SP mod.
A pair of Oktava 219s with the oktavamod PE mod were used for the “cardioids.”

Download the Paramount stage m IR set [15.5 MB]
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