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Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo

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Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum
Oslo, Norway

Recording date: October 29, 2006
Engineers: Arjen van der Schoot, Johannes Mollø-Christensen and Lars Årdal.

Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum at Slemdal is one of Oslo's best kept secrets. The museum's main attraction is a dark, barrel-vaulted room, completely covered with fresco paintings. The 800 sq.m. fresco Vita depicts human life from conception till death, in dramatic and often explicitly erotic scenes. Large groups of bronze figures reiterate the dedication to the mystery of procreation. Entering the museum is a unique experience. The impression of the dimly lit frescoes with multitudes of naked figures is reinforced by the unusual and overwhelming acoustics of the room. In the entire Altiverb IR Library this room’s size to reverb time ration is unmatched. The museum is a private foundation and was opened to the public in 1958.

Recorded in pitch darkness using the Quad Spider consisting of 4 DPA 4006 Omnidirectional microphones and a Genelec monitor to play back the sweeps



Download the Vigeland IR Set
one set, containing samples from mono-mono to stereo-quad [9.5 MB]
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