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Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Engineer: Aram Verwoest
Recording date: Match 28, 2006

The castle, which is located about 28 km west of Vilnius, was founded during the 13th Century. It is completely surrounded by the water of five lakes in this national park. During winter the entire lake is frozen and you can walk right to and around the castle. In 1905 the Russians started with the restoration of this castle. They had to stop due to the WO I but eventually the upper castle was reconstructed in 1961. The lower part was completed later in the early 1990s.

Four rooms have been sampled in this castle, the chapel, two small rooms (so called dungeons) and the inner court yard. The chapel is not big for a castle chapel (it is only bout 3 meters high) but all the hard bricks from the floor to ceiling make it an interesting and useful room. The dungeons are even smaller then the chapel but also, like the chapel hard with lots of bricks. The inner court yard is unique, a three story high place in the heart of the upper castle, just give it a try.

Recording Gear:
Metric Halo Mobile I/O
Apple Powerbook G4
4 DPA 4006 Mics
Genelec 1032 Speaker

The download includes the Chapel. the two dungeons and the inner courtyard impulse responses ranging from mono to mono to full surround.

The castle

The chapel

The inner courtyard


Download Trakai Castle IR Set [32 mb]
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