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Chapel Studio Tilburg, NL

Until 1990, the chapel of this national monument was still used as a place of worship. In 1991, the Technical University of Eindhoven carried out an acoustic concept, transforming there premises into a recording studio. It was the birth a Chapel Studio. At first, Chapel Studio was exclusively used by the owner, but before long music ensembles showed a growing interest in recording classical music in this neo-gothic chapel. Winning an Edison Classic Music Award gained Chapel Studio international recognition. Since then, many world-famous musicians have found their way to the studio to record CD's or radio programs.

We have recorded in two set-ups, one in the more traditional set-up,
using the chapel's length and one smaller but wider set-up. The
latter is usually used when recording smaller ensembles, the local
guys told us.

Download Chapel Studio IR Set [12.4 MB]
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