Audio Ease - BarbaBatch - Supported Filetypes - voc and voc 16 bit


Voc was created by Creative Labs for (PC) Soundblaster audio-boards.
It supports 8 bits sample data only.

Since internally the sample rate of a VOC file is specified as a divisor of the internal clock speed of the Creative Labs SoundBlaster hardware, it must satisfy the formula:

sample rate = 1000000 / (whole number between 50 and 255)

Voc 16 bit

Voc 16 bits used by the (PC) Soundblaster Pro to support 16 bits sample data. (It supports 16 bits sample data only.) The sample rate must satisfy:

sample rate = 256000000 / (whole number between 2903 and 65535)

It is not possible to specify an illegal VOC sample rate in a BarbaBatch conversion definition. The interface will warn you when you try to pass an illegal rate, and suggest the rate that is closest to your choice in the message box in the Conversion Definition Window.