Audio Ease - BarbaBatch - Supported Filetypes - Quicktime movies

QuickTime formats

Integer/Float - QuickTime movie
When this is chosen, these types of audio data are available:

Big endian means that the bytes are stored in Motorola format, native for Macintosh, Little endian stores the bytes in Intel format, native for Windows. The QuickTime plug-in on both platforms can play back both types of data. Floating point files are added for completeness. They are hardly ever used.

IMA 4:1 - QuickTime
Please note that BarbaBatch can also put this type of data in AIFC files.

QDesign Music - QuickTime
Please refer to QDesign for this type

QDesign Music Pro - QuickTime 3.0
Please refer to QDesign for this type

QUALCOMM PureVoice - QuickTime
This is a streaming audio format intended for voice encoding. Two sample rates are supported: 8000 Hz and 11025 Hz.
Both Half Rate (19 to 1 compression) and Full Rate (9 to 1 compression) are supported.

U-law / A-law - QuickTime
These formats are designed to pack 16 bits, in a lossy way, into 8 bits, while maintaining approximately 12 bits of quality. BarbaBatch also supports these formats in NeXt/Sun and Dialogic file types. A-law is often referred to as the ‘European’ flavor but this has only historic reasons. The µ-law format is much more widespread, even in Europe.

MACE - QuickTime
MACE 3:1 and MACE 6:1 were Apple standards of compressing 8 bit data before IMA 4:1 and µ-law came along. Audio Ease does not recommend using this format when the better sounding IMA 4:1 and µ-law formats can be used, but they are supported for completeness.