Audio Ease - BarbaBatch - Supported Filetypes - MPEG 1 Layer I and II

MPEG1 layer I and layer II output files (output only)

MPEG audio is a standard for highly compressed audio data developed by the Motion Pictures Expert Group of the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). The high compression ratio is obtained by analyzing the data in a way that resembles the human auditory system and then encoding the more important parts with higher accuracy than signals for which our ears are less sensitive or which would be masked by other signals anyway.

Different bit rates can be used depending on the purpose, e.g. 192 kbit/s for HiFi stereo and 32 kbit/s for low quality internet audio. There exist three so-called Layers (different standards). Layer II yields better audio than Layer I , when using the same bit rate, therefore there are more low bit rates available in Layer II, and more higher rates in Layer I. Layer III is designed for low bit rates.
A standard setting for broadcast audio is 256 kbit/s stereo MPEG1 layer II at 48 kHz.

BarbaBatch supports MPEG Phase 1, Layers I and II.
Some bit rates are available for stereo only, others for mono only. BarbaBatch will indicate illegal combinations in the 'Edit Conversion'-window or in the log file.

mp3 and mp4 aac are also supported by barbaBatch