Audio Ease - BarbaBatch - Supported Filetypes - Paris Dyaxis

Dyaxis MacMix (Studer)

This format is provided for compatibility with Dyaxis hard disk recording systems and eliminates the need for many conversion actions in the Dyaxis software when producing audio files for the ‘outside world’.

Please note that this file type is not the multimix format of the newer versions of Dyaxis.

Ensoniq Paris files

This is the native file type of the Ensoniq Paris hard disk editing. BarbaBatch also supports 24 bit Paris files. When Paris is chosen as the file type, the convert number of bits to popup menu shows little endian and big endian 16 and 24 bits files.

Files can be saved big endian (with the most significant byte first in a sample word) for the Macintosh version of Paris, or little endian for the Windows version.