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The Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) is used on Apple, SGI, and other computers, and was completed by Apple Computer, Inc.
It supports a compression scheme, called AIFC.
The standard file name extension for this soundfile type is ".aif"

AIFF file support in Barbabatch is extremelty robust. There are patches in AIFF file reading code that fixes Many mistakes made by implementors of the format in other systems.


The Dawn format is provided for compatibility with Dawn hard disk recording systems. Although Dawn files use AIFF as their file format, communication between Dawn and other systems has been quite a problem due to Dawns private deviations from the AIFF standard.


The AIFC file is in fact an AIFF file designed to hold compressed audio
data as well as uncompressed data. It is an extension of the AIFF file and
was meant to replace it altogether, but it hasn't succeeded in doing so.
BarbaBatch only supports the AIFC file that holds uncompressed lineair PCM data. It was included for compatibility with some software on SGI's, and also because uncompressed AIFC is the standard CD Ripping format for Apple computers..

AIFC IMA ADPCM 4:1 (output only)

This is a goodie for Macromedia content developers. These files run in projector files saving a lot of space. The 16 bit words are crammed into 4 bits while audio suffers remarkably little. Since BarbaBatch 2.48, this output filetype has been made compatible with Director 6.
For more info on ADPCM compression look under the Microsoft ADPCM file type.
Please note that BarbaBatch can also put IMA 4:1 data in QuickTime Movies.