Most software here was released well over 10 years ago, designed to run on systems that have become rare. Read about it, listen to it here, or even download the demo if your LC is still working....




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thOnk_0+2 provides the sonic treasure-chest composers can turn to to harvest fresh, unanticipated material to solve their writers blocks with, without having to think at all.

It is an extremely simple to use Freeware Macintosh application, that uses Granular Synthesis to produce very diverse sounds based upon a sound file provided by the user, where you have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over the process.

Mac and Music interview with Arjen van der Schoot about ThOnk (pdf)


Thanks for Thonk. I love it! (As you might have guessed I would.) I have been wondering why the program is so popular and why the output is so appealing sonically. Sure it is the narrative thing but what I have figured is that : Thonk is the 21st Century "sample-and-hold" module! Good luck with it in the Bourges competition! - Dr. Richard Boulanger, Professor Music Synthesis Department, Berklee College of Music

Thonk gave me very interesting new sounds that I re-processed using SDII and TurboSynth. - Alain Thibault, Directeur artistique, Association pour la creation et la recherche electroacoustiques du Quebec

Thonk is great! It's the most fun sound toy I've ever heard. I'm only barely a musician, but I work as a multimedia designer and programmer and I often need to come up with the soundtracks and interface noises. Thonk seems like the perfect tool to come up with original background sounds for multimedia. - Chris Gregory

I LOVE it!!!! (I design "bizarre" sound FX.) You've created a monster! - Ray Brunelle, RuMbLeStIlTsKiN Sound FX Design, Portsmouth, USA

Thank you for making this available. this is the first time I have had an opportunity to granularize any material at all - its been on my list for a long time. - John lang

You could do an entire Science Fiction/Horror file with a 30 second piece of audio and this program! - Barry Wood San Juan Capistrano CA USA

I have had a couple of great late-night sessions with this program, and did some graining last night with a rhythm sample...unbelievable results! This program is way, way cool (what other word is there?) - Oivind Idso

VST Wrapper

Mark Of The Unicorn's Digital Performer and AudioDesk users can run VST plug-ins in real time with the VST Wrapper for MAS by Audio Ease.

The VST Wrapper allows you to see and use multiple VST plug-ins at the same time. That means many plug-in windows open and functional simultaneously ! On top of that the VST Wrapper also supports the VST 2.0 Instruments Neon. VB-1, Pro-Five, PPG-Wave, and Model-E.

Via the VST Wrapper Digital Performer can tap in to a staggering amount of Macintosh VST plug-ins, a lot of them freeware and available on the web.

Installing just one VST Wrapper is enough to have all your VST plugins pop up in your Performer inserts. The VST Wrapper uses extremely little processing power itself.

Peter Pan

First 5.1 surround panner for MOTU Audio System

Audio Ease introduced surround panning to Digital Performer and AudioDesk Users with the release of Peter Pan.

Positioning the source sound is done by dragging around a red ball in a round arena. Center and rear speaker outputs are routed to busses via pop-up selectors. A sub woofer channel can be separated from the input signal with a smooth and adjustable low-pass filter. Peter Pan takes virtually no processing power, and at US$ 39.95 it won't break the bank either.


Rex was a professional Macintosh sound utility, that copied regions from a Sounddesigner II file to new Sounddesigner II files.